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NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra: Kicking Uncanny Valley Butt

We just told you about the $830 NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra last week, otherwise known as the "world's fastest graphics card". But just how much power can $830 buy today?


Check out this technical demo by NVIDIA. The real time rendering is of actor Doug Jones, who you probably won't recognize as Pan from Pan's Labyrinth. Sure, he isn't talking or anything, but it's amazing nonetheless.

Now just to fill the background with fully rendered landscapes, populated with thousands of equally beautiful characters. Get on it, NVIDIA! This cybersex isn't going to have itself.

Where Realtime, PC Video Graphics Are Heading [dvorak uncensored]


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This is a really neat video - my concern is the polycount that the card can handle. I see one head. Will it only be able to render one head in a game with a hdri sphere around it? That doesn't make for a fun game.

And I know that this is just a technical demo and all, but this video should appeal more to the CG creating, Maya/3ds max using crowd - but it's not shown in maya/max, it's shown within a 3d engine that's most likely written specifically for this demo purpose.

I'm probably sounding like a big 3d snob - and for that I apologize, but it doesn't really count unless it's shown in a practical application like a game or modelling app.