NVIDIA's GeForce 7200 GS Gets You Windows Vista Aero For Peanuts

Illustration for article titled NVIDIAs GeForce 7200 GS Gets You Windows Vista Aero For Peanuts

If you're like Adam over at Lifehacker who has a copy of Vista but a graphics card from 1997, nVidia's got you covered. The latest entry-level GeForce 7200 GS is their cheapest standalone graphics card, but still meets the requirements Microsoft's set for running Aero. It's 50% better than integrated graphics cards, which is like saying you're 50% stronger than your infant child—technically true, but nothing worth bragging about.


The card itself will be under $50 but still feature DX9 and 128MB of RAM (possibly less depending on which manufacturer you buy from), which means you'll be able to do at least a little gaming while you hoard your money away like a squirrel with law school loans.

Press Release [nVidia via Slashgear]

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jackfrost132 is disruntled enough to stab an air

Yeah, the minimum specs on Aero are 64MB of ram and DX9, It's the rest of the operating system that's a resource whore, I went back to XP and just run Ubuntu, XGL and Beryl when I have a hankering for sweet sweet GUI eye candy, Beryl with Cube transparency and 3D world rocks Aero any day, I could get into the more features with less resources thing, but then I may seem like a fanboy. =\