NXT Light Shave Gel Makes Beards Shine Like the Sun

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For the past several years, the world of shaving tech has been caught in a stalemate. Gillette may add one blade to their razor, but Schick just fires back with two. But now we have something else to look forward to every morning: glowy shaving gel. NXT Light Shave Gel apparently illuminates your face through sensitive-skin-formulated chemiluminescence. We're not sure if it makes those stray hairs any easier to catch, but the old radioactive beard prank never gets old (...unless you've been giving us pity laughs all this time). [CVS via uncrate]


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It is amazing how far shaving soap has come. What was once a very simple product now needs to have extra-terrestrial properties to compete in today's cutting edge shaving world.

Being an 'eco-nazi' (my wife loves to give me these loving nick names), crap like this bothers me. Then again, this would fall under the "don't sweat the small stuff" category, so I will avoid the temptation to get up on the Hyde Park soap box to talk about a soap and brush.