NYC Testing Out Beautiful LED Streetlights

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New York City is testing a small batch of LED streetlights that redesign not only the light, but the entire lamppost as well. With current bulbs rated for about 24,000 hours, the new LED models, which rate for between 50,000 and 70,000 hours, would be a huge improvement. In addition to lasting longer, the LEDs would also use 25% to 30% less energy and emit no harmful chemicals when discarded. The initial test will only consist of a mere six new lampposts, but if it goes well look for the city to start slowly replacing the old versions with these fancy upgrades. Awesome. [NY Times via PSFK]



As a New Yorker I am very excited for this. I was a little sad when they replaced the old Walk/Don't Walk signs, but now I am used to them and they are quite an improvement in terms of visibility and legibility.

However there is the hilarious new phenomenon of people putting up black stickers on one of the fingers of the Don't Walk Palm to make it look like the Shocker.

Overall it seems they are improving the aesthetics and design of a number of street stuff found in the city. My neighborhood (Alphabet City, Lower East Side) just got brand spanking new bus stops which look a lot nicer than the old ones.