Nyko Wand+ Hands-On: I Love Watching Nintendo Get Kicked In the Balls

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You wouldn't think a third party could clone a Nintendo product and then make it better, but Nyko may have done that with the Wand+.


I mean, let's face it. Nintendo has grown greedy and lazy, and it's no more apparent than how they gave us Wii MotionPlus as an adapter on the Wiimote. The dongle is fine for backward compatibility, welcome even, but they're double-dipping on all new Wiimote buyers, making them purchase controllers AND Wii MotionPlus to play games.

In a balance of karma, Nintendo has been one-upped by a knockoff.

Nyko's Wand+ integrates 1:1 motion (like you see in WiiMotion Plus) into the normal Wiimote formfactor. In your hand, it feels every bit as comfortable as a Wiimote (actually, I prefer it because of its rubber grip.) And playing Wii Sports Resort (table tennis) with the Wand+ today, it felt every bit as responsive/accurate as what Nintendo is crapping into our laps as an awkwardly attached accessory.


Further testing will be needed to determine whether or not the Wand+ is just as good as the original, but Nyko's reps were pretty confident in the tech. We'll test one more rigorously when they arrive for $40 in March, but until then, I'm just happy to see some company put a little external pressure on Nintendo.