Nyko Zoom Case: 'Cause You Don't Care If Your DSi Is Actually Portable

Illustration for article titled Nyko Zoom Case: Cause You Dont Care If Your DSi Is Actually Portable

The picture of Nyko's Zoom Case for the DSi says it all, no?

Nicking a bright idea from Brando, Nyko's Zoom Case utterly obliterates portability and reason in exchange for 8x of zoomglory—because we all know zoom is what's missing from the DSi's 640x460 camera.


You can detach the lens from the Zoom Case. You know, if for some reason you wanted to. Sadly, Nyko hasn't given us a price or date for this marvelous kit of awesome, but whenever it comes out, it's not soon enough—there are celebrities to be stalked, upskirts to be snapped, out there, waiting. [Nyko]


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Andre Ondre

They also need an add on for the 3inch 252x192 LOW res screens, Those 2 screens are not even good to look at, especially if your used to using 3inch screens with 320x240 and higher resolutions