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Roy Furchgott, has an eye for design. He writes an insightful piece in the NYTimes about Korean electronic maker Hannspree, and their latest design triumph: An LCD TV that looks great from the backside. Delicious, and useful for times when a TV doesn't sit against a wall.

In fact, he points out it looks like an Eames Lounge chair. Are Koreans the new bootleg master artists? Either way, it's in good taste. The chair is a design icon originally produced in 1956, and is crafted from rosewood plywood and leather. It's nice looking. So, the TV looks good, too. At least the backside.


What about the front? You know, the part of the set you'll be staring at most of the time? Roy reports the screen as having a "1,366 by 1,786 pixels in all three sizes: 26-inch ($1,200), 32-inch ($1,500) and 37-inch ($1,900)." Whoa, looks like a type-o. The TV is actually 768 pixels wide tall. We can throw no stones with the spellings and type-os, so no biggie. You forgive, we forgive.

The bigger deal is recommending a TV set for a good looking backside, when historically, Hannspree LCDs don't look so hot. This one might look better than the older sets, but I place the odds against that.

UPDATE: Jon writes in: "Hannspree isn't Korean, it's Taiwanese." My bad: Hann reminds me of "Hanna" in Korean. Spree reminds me of those really tasty candies that will eat your teeth up and make your dentist rich. My point: Whatever, we all look the same.
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