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He loves it, he loves it not.

David Pogue totally caught us skimming the headline and lead of his B&O piece. He writes in to correct me in saying he totally "didn't love" the B&O Serene. And the headline belongs to some editor. And editor who also skims. He totally never said that he was the B&O phone's baby daddy. Snark aside, we were a little one sided in covering his coverage.


In fairness, he offers some more balanced pull quotes from the review we wrote about, after the jump.

"If you're concerned about projecting masculinity, the Serene may not be the phone for you; the common object it most resembles is a makeup compact."

"Let's face it: a circular dialing pad means that your thumbs have to do a lot more moving around than on a traditional pad, and your eyes have to do a lot more hunting. You can't possibly dial this phone without looking."

"The lens is mounted on the side of the hinge, at 90 degrees to the screen. That side-mounted arrangement is great for taking surreptitious photos on the subway (if anyone who'd pay $1,275 for a phone takes the subway), but self-portraits are impossible, and even getting the shot framed right can be a challenge."

"Here's what you will not find on the Serene: a speakerphone, music playback, video, games, custom ring tones, downloadable anything, and an external screen so you know who's calling before you open the clamshell (that's a big one). And you can't use your own pictures as screen backdrop."

I even joined you in dissing B&O for the insane pricing of this phone:
"For its classiness, striking design and sound quality, the Serene would fly off the shelves at $500 or even $600. But holy cow: $1,275? Could it possibly be worth that kind of money?"

It's totally true, as nearly always, his review was fair, and I weighted the giant type faced headline too heavily. It was too easy to read into the word "Love." (Used in a question, not a declarative sentence.) But then again, if David had read the tail end of our post, he would have seen that we vindicated him from total Apple-like hypnosis at the hands of B&O.

Before we can accuse him of being seduced by the black beauty, David reels himself in...


So we both skim headlines and leads, it seems.

NYT's Pogue Loves the B&O Serene Cellphone [Giz]


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