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O is not just the best Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas or an orgasmic exclamation—now it's a design concept for a domestic breathing machine that automatically generates oxygen.

It contains a vat full of Spirulina Platensis (known to the rest of us as green slime), a microorganism that's capable of cranking out oodles of oxygen, controlled by an oximetric probe that figures out when oxygen levels are low and kicks on the thing's really bright grow light.


The idea is that in some deadly cities, oxygen levels are "90% lower than those required by our bodies under optimal conditions." Cities like New York? Wouldn't we be dead? Hooey. There must be some explanation for this, right?

Maybe designer Mathieu Lehanneur is onto something important here. According to his website, NASA thinks so, too, and he explains that the space agency is "carrying out very detailed studies on the subject, in connection with long term trips for its astronauts."

This O thing makes sense from a marketing standpoint as well, considering that billions have been made selling another readily available substance on the planet: water. Might as well sell some hot air, too.


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