Election day is still three months away, so if you haven't picked your pony, it's almost time to put your money on either Obama or Romney. Just in time to help you decide, the incumbent has released a new app. And hey! He didn't even misspell America!


What does it do?

It discusses the president's stance on various issues, from women's health to jobs. Want to know how much Obama says you'll save on your taxes by voting for him? Want to know how to get involved? Want to donate to the campaign? Want to know how to register to vote? Do it all in the Obama for America app.

Why do we like it?

The 24-hour news cycle makes election season a colossal circus and a huge annoyance. It makes it hard to mine through all the muck to get to the actual issues that matter to people. But the app makes it really easy to read the latest news, see what the president stands for, and get volunteer for the campaign. Of course, consider the source—there is a good deal of PR speak inside. Regardless, it's super helpful and straightforward. Obama for America is well designed, easy to use, and simple to understand.


Obama for America

Download this app for:

  • iOS/Android coming soon, Free

The Best:

Stuffed with information

The Worst:

Needs the Android app


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