Obama Puts an End To Fake Photo Shoots

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Say good-bye to reenactments and fake photo shoots in the White House. President Obama decided these staged photo ops were "a bad idea" and ended this long-standing practice. He would say that after getting caught-out, wouldn't he.


The controversy exploded after people discovered most of the photos of the President's historic bin Laden speech were taken during a re-enactment, not the speech itself. Even though this has been going on since the Reagan era and photos are labeled as re-enactments, people still found a reason to get upset.

The President heeded the complaints of the people and is working with his administration to develop a protocol that lets photojournalists take photographs during a speech without causing a disruption. Will you rest easier knowing the picture of the prez is real and not staged after the fact? [Huffington Post via Rob Galbraith via Petapixel]


STFU! nvleafs

Am I out of line to say it's because he's black? This is mostly coming from the birth certificate issue (which is insulting to any president IMO). While having a black president is definitely a step forward towards equality, I'd say asking for his birth certificate (and having so many people agree with Trump) is two steps backward.