Illustration for article titled Obamas iPod Gift to Queen Elizabeth II Is Tainted

The iPod that Obama gave Queen Elizabeth II loaded with show tunes might have been lame and declasse for another reason: It's possibly illegal!


It's a sloppy gray area we've looked at before: When you buy digital content, do you really own it? With actual CDs or books, the first sale doctrine lets you hawk it later on eBay or gave it away if you want.


But was Obama in the clear to give away those showtunes, even if he bought them legally on iTunes? The EFF notes that in iTunes' 9,000-word terms of use, they coincidentally happen to sidestep the question. And if first sale applies, what about...? Oh forget it. The EFF ponders all the possibilities much better than I do. The point is simply that ownership, which used to be simple question, is now much more complicated than it needs to be, and ultimately, it sucks for regular people. [EFF via BoingBoing]

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