Here at Gizmodo, we celebrate Objectify a Male Tech Writer Day. Join in on the festivities by PhotoShopping our sexiest writer, Kyle Wagner, into the most compromising positions. Think slutty schoolgirl. Sweaty fireman. Sexy Subway sandwich artist.

Download this blank Wagner head and objectify the hell out of him. And on Friday, February 1, we invite you to join us in yelling "Nice blouse, sugartits!" at Wagner as often as possible. And to ask him if he'd "wear a skirt or something sometime." Feel free to say all of this to Kyle on Twitter. Stare at his ass. Compliment him suggestively! Point out his flaws! There is sexism in tech and god damnit, Gizmodo is doing its part to fix it. [NewStatesman]


Update: One of our readers did such a masterful PhotoShop job, that we made it the top art. Have a better one? We'll keep changing it as long as you guys keep one-upping these amazing Wagner pics.