Obsolete Gadget Tattoos Are Seven Shades of Wrong

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Living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I've seen my share of intricate, beautiful, and veehee lickable tattoos. The vintage gadget kind are not them. Tumblred by Anna Jane Grossman—démodé-gadgeteer extraordinaire and author of the highly recommended Obsolete—these are a mistake:


I may have an original 1984 Macintosh on my work desk, but I will never ever get a tattoo of it. EVER. A ZX Spectrum, on the other side, is a very likely possibility. It just depends on the amount of Zacapa rum and Margaritas this weekend.

Click to viewNote to the VHS tattoo dude: If you are going to drill a video tape into your skin for the rest of your life, at least pick a Sony Beta. [Obsolete]



The last image with the Audio tape loses even more points for not having the tape run under the spooler guides. At least the other, similar tattoo is accurate..