OctoMacs On the Way, Mac Pro Faithful Rejoice

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The Mac pros are already ecstatic over the Mac Pro, that tower of a Mac with the dual-core Xeons inside, but now they're getting even more worked up over the rumors of a dual quad-core Mac in the works. So that would mean—count 'em—eight cores in all, sending those content creators straight into MacHeaven. What will they call it? OctoMac? Yaweh?

It's no surprise that this is the next step for the top-line Mac Pro. Those quad-core Xeon 5300 series "Clovertown" chips are being readied for lots of workstations we can't tell you about yet. The best news is that pricing of the base config of Apple's eight-way machine may closely match that of its four-way incumbent.


Who says we're Mac fanboys? Bile-spitting skepticism, after the jump.

Judging from the slowpoke rollout of Apple's Intel Core 2 Duo "Merom" MacBook Pro notebooks, we're thinking that "after mid-November" scuttlebutt about the eight-way Mac Pro's ship date is about as credible as Apple's claim that the Merom notebooks are "up to 39% faster" than their predecessors.

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