Ocular Thingy Fixes Our Steampunk Craving For Today

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Well, pop my steampunk posting cherry; this delight of the age that was not, from Hove in England, is actually for sale. The guys at Boing Boing have dubbed it the "Ocular Thingy" and we are thinking that is a pretty accurate title.


The device was hand made and has two lenses, two flashing valves, a leather strap for attachment to your greasy scalp and another piece providing a microscope effect. Sufficed to say, it looks absolutely crazy and could possibly be used at your next sex orgy steampunk costume party. Alternatively, you could save it and use it once you actually figure out the secret to time travel. You will probably need it somewhere in the past, we are quite certain. Keep trying and you will be dimension cruising one day...keep up with your medication too, OK? The Ocular Thingy is listed on ebay and at present is just shy of $200, with the best part of a week to spare. [Product Page via Biong Biong].