Of Course the Pentagon's First Android Phone Is the Dead Dell Streak

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The Pentagon has decided on its first secure mobile device running Android. The no-longer-available Dell Streak 5. Way to speed the process along Uncle Sam.


In another example of the government moving at a snail's pace to get anything done, the Defense Information System Agency is getting a Dell. A discontinued Dell. DISA began working with Dell over a year ago in an effort to provide personnel cutting-edge mobile technology. The Android 2.2 powered Dell Streak has been certified for secure unclassified communications.

The enhanced security features of the Streak are the ability to remotely wipe the device, password protection that wipes the device after too many incorrect entries, and the IT department can control the Streak's security policy levels remotely. Pretty much features found on any other smart phone on the market now. The government chose the Streak 5 because it liked the form factor. From what I know growing up as a child of a government employee, they're going to like that form factor for a long, long time. [DefenseSystems]


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