Office 14 Alpha to Begin Testing this Year

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It's not yet ready for your download, but according to a now-pulled post on a company blog, Microsoft is accepting internal applications to be part of their technology adoption program (TAP) for Office 14. The new touted feature is Office's PerformancePoint Server, a boring-for-most-of-us business performance analysis system. Other details are scant and Microsoft has no official announcements to make, but an alpha of Office this year should beckon a new release next year. No word yet on whether or not Microsoft will allow Pam and Jim to finally get married. [ZDNet and The Inquirer]


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I have to admit the ribbons in Office 2007 took some getting used to but there's no way I'd go back now. It's so much easier to find things. Also the live previews are really handy. Just as you move your mouse over options it shows you in real time what your page would look like if you clicked.