Official HTC Touch HD Walkthrough Whets Our Appetites Further

HTC has let loose this official video showing off the HTC Touch HD—and although it's more of a too-brief commercial than an actual walkthrough, it gives a quick look at browsing, maps and images on that glorious 3.8-inch 480x800 screen. And after this tease, why not take a look back at those lucky French who handled one on video? We're counting the days 'til the end of the year when this thing drops. [YouTube via Mobility Today]

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I figure this will be $600 to $800 w/o a contract. I hope Tmobile picks them up in the US. Would be totally awesome. My only concern would be app support with this.

Apple has a large community that writes apps for their app store or cydia. But I've not heard much on the HTC or Xperia X1. My top two picks to replace my temporary iphone.