Oh Look, Here's Samsung's 4G LTE Android Phone for Verizon

Illustration for article titled Oh Look, Heres Samsungs 4G LTE Android Phone for Verizon

Looks like Verizon'll have plenty of Android phones running around on 4G LTE soon enough. Here's a first look at Samsung's, running Froyo and TouchWiz (but according to our tipster, not Bing!). Aaaand a front-facing camera, Verizon's first.

By last count, that means we can likely expect to see LTE Android phones from HTC, Samsung and Motorola, possibly all announced at CES in just a couple of weeks. We can't wait after seeing what Verizon's LTE can do, but we can only wonder what the battery life is gonna be like on these things. [Thanks tipster!]


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Why is the 4G haloed in grey? That's looking a bit fake, mayhaps? I think it's just a Galaxy phone with some Photoshopping...