Oh Right, Doctoring Photos Actually Still Takes A Long Time

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At this point doctored and enhanced photos are so ubiquitous that we tend to assume any photo we're looking at has gone through some type of processing. And programs like Photoshop are always releasing new tools and features to make these changes easier. But revising a photo for positive or nefarious reasons still takes time and skill. Luckily, we can count on internet denizens to have a lot of free time.


Reddit user thehatersalad did an extensive rehabilitation and colorization on a photo of another Reddit user's grandmother. The whole process is condensed into a seven minute time-lapse here (which is really satisfying to watch) but it actually took about two and a half hours. You still can't just wave a cursor around for 10 minutes and fix something up. Upon seeing the restored photo the person who provided it, f2ISO100, said, "I feel — for the first time — like I got to see her, back in time." Special moments. [PetaPixel]


Dylan Colon

While it looks at first like a good job, they made one huge mistake.

Look at that layers palette. Do you ever notice a change? No. They were painting on the god damn background layer the entire time. The clone stamp tool is notorious for eating history states like it's an edible form of crack. If you make one mistake, and then you realize you can't undo to that point in the process- you're shit out of luck.

Using layers and layer masks are the REASON Photoshop is so dominant in the photo-manipulation and editing markets. Sure, his techniques were good and ht edid some very clean clone stamping and shadow emulation, but for the love of all that is holy: DON'T DO DESTRUCTIVE EDITING.