OK, This 3D Business Is Getting Out of Hand

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This week's issue of Time Out New York is all in 3D. No more, please! I beg of you!

It's bad enough that studios are cramming mediocre 3D and more expensive ticket prices down our throats, but do we really need a magazine to be in 3D?

Zeke Turner at the Observer took it for a test read, and, much like 3D movies, he found that it clearly exists to please people other than the audience:

The feeling that this 3D stunt was done to woo advertisers immediately sets in. The ads look great! We have never thought harder about going to Walking with Dinosaurs the Arena Spectacular at Madison Square Garden. In case we have missed any excellent advertising content, there is a TONY house ad with the page numbers of all the 3D ads towards the back. There are 21 in total.

Reading the magazine is a different story.

3D: terrible trend or most terrible trend? [New York Observer via The Awl]

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I am tired of the whole 3D thing. Why do I have to pay more to see it in 3D? If I keep my glasses and reuse them what extra costs does the theater have? They should just sell the glasses for like $2, and leave the ticket cost the same. That way if I forget to bring glasses I can buy them. If not I get to see the movie for the same price as the 2D version. They already rape me on popcorn and drinks. They are going to have to start selling KY at the door for the giant ass raping I get for going to see a movie.