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Old Film Slides Give Your Windows a Stained Glass Effect

Illustration for article titled Old Film Slides Give Your Windows a Stained Glass Effect

I keep staring at this window covering made of Kodachrome film slides and thinking of stained glass windows in churches. It's so gorgeous and you could easily make a curtain like it yourself.


According to Flickr User YarnZombie, the Kodachrome curtain project was quite simple:

The slides date from the 50s and early 60s, and are all from a lot of slides I got in Kansas City last fall. The majority of slides on the right panel are of horses. Go figure. Travis drilled 8 holes in the slides using a Dremel tool in a Dremel drill press thingy, and I connected them all using aluminum chainmail rings.


I'm not sure if I'd pick horse slides, but I'd love prettying up some windows like this. [Flickr via Craftzine via Make]

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You might want to add a UV protective film to the mix if you want to be sure you don't permanantly damage your slides.