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Old School Computer Band Rocks Bohemian Rhapsody (Poorly)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I can't think of a more old school, geeky tribute to Queen than a band comprised of an Atari 800XL, 8-inch floppy disk, 3.5-in hard drive and HP Scanjet 3C. If only it sounded better.

The composer, YouTube user bd594, says what you hear is 100% pure, straight from the machines themselves—no effects or sampling were used. In the case of the Scanjet, the "vocals" were recorded in four separate parts using the one machine.

The aforementioned Atari 800XL is tickling the ivory on lead piano/organ, while a plucky Texas Instruments Ti-99/4a shreds on lead guitar. Rounding out the bunch are the floppy drive on bass and the hard drive clanging cymbals. As many have suggested already, the "instruments" could use a good tuning or ten.


On a related note, Scanjet symphonies seem to be in the air right now. Must be spring. [YouTube via Matrxisynth - Thanks, Matrix]