Arrow's latest midseason finale featured some pretty impressive sword fighting as Oliver took the fight to the League of Assassins - but, as with all swordfights, they can be improved with the humble addition of Lightsabers.

Warning: The video contains footage from Arrow's midseason finale, The Climb. If you're not caught up with Season 3, don't watch it! You've been warned.


This latest 'Arrow Jedi' video comes from Youtuber Dave Jones, who's diligently took on the task of re-editing several fights from Arrow into Lightsaber duels previously - check them out below:

The something about the gritty, more 'realistic' approach of Arrow being spliced with something as fanciful as the sci-fantasy of Star Wars. Can we expect Ollie to upgrade from Boxing Glove arrow to laser ones in the near future? Somehow, I don't think so.

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