Just in case you were wondering, the season finale is the climax of the apocalypse storyline, despite the fact that there's a sixth season. And we'll see lots of Lucifer and Michael — but we'll also get to know Sam and Dean better, and see the things that shaped them into heroes. [TV Guide Magazine via SpoilerTV]



Tonight's musical extravaganza is all about delving into Walter's psyche, explain producers J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner. The songs are a mix of modern pop songs and 1940s standards, and they don't distract from the action of the episode. Also, the producers describe it as "Willy Wonka." Huh. [BlogCritics]


When Dr. Bell remeets Dr. Bishop, says John Noble, "In fact we bicker like two old ladies. And then finally the truth is revealed." [MSN]

In the finale, the team storms over to the Other Side to find Peter, who's absconded there. "The Fringe Division is not going to let their boy go," says John Noble. And we'll meet alternate versions of the entire team! [TV Guide Magazine via SpoilerTV]


Here are the official descriptions for "Over There" parts 1 and 2:

In part one of the two-part, two-night second season finale, Walter and Olivia travel to the parallel universe, and the anticipated face-off between Walter Bishop and William Bell occurs when special guest star Leonard Nimoy returns.

Sacrifices will be made and both universes may never be the same again after Walter and Olivia visit the "other side" in Part 2 of the climactic season finale.


[Fringe Bloggers]


Don't freak out too much about Ellie and Awesome going to Africa — they're both in the season finale. [EW]


In the season finale, it's a monster story that puts the whole show in a blender. The Ring finally stops seeing Chuck as a moron, and starts realizing that he and the Buy More are a threat they need to smite — and they do things to Chuck and his gang that nobody has ever thought of doing. [TV Guide Magazine via SpoilerTV]

True Blood:

Shockingly, there may be a supernatural twist to Lafayette's love story — his new boyfriend is more than just a nurse. [EW]


And there's a new poster, perhaps referring to Sam, or something else. [AOL via ShockTillYouDrop]



The Red Queen is somebody we know, and we'll find out more in the May 7 episode. [EW]


Meanwhile, Lois and Clark will keep almost having sex — but the Blur keeps coming between them and preventing them from ever consummating their relationship, says producer Brian Peterson. Bwa-ha-ha! [TV Guide]

Clark actually glimpses his destiny in the season finale, and it should please fans who have been waiting for him to move forward. Members of the Justice League and Justice Society guest star, and there are four huge cliffhangers. [TV Guide Magazine via SpoilerTV]



Here's a sneak peek from next week's episode, "Hearts And Minds." [The V Files]

In the season (series?) finale, Erica gets herself and Tyler invited aboard the mothership to hang out with Lisa and Anna for dinner — but Erica's hoping to destroy Anna's supersoldier eggs before they hatch. By the end, you'll knwo if Anna's successful in hatching those eggs. [TV Guide Magazine via SpoilerTV]


And a new synopsis for that finale, "Red Sky":

Val's water breaks; Erica and Tyler are invited up to the Mothership; Chad makes a devastating discovery.




Here's a glimpse into your television future, with seven sneak peeks from tonight's episode. Will they make you black out with awesomeness?


There's a 60 percent chance this show will be back for one last 13-episode victory (??) lap. [EW]


Star Wars: Clone Wars:

It's the Fett-tastic season finale tomorrow night, and the studio sent us a few pics and a clip. Woot! [Lucasfilm]



Here's another sneak peek from Tuesday's new episode, "The Candidate." [Lyly Ford]

Plus a new promo. [LylyFord]

Rebecca Mader says she's definitely in the finale, and might pop up before then as well. [Self]


Henry Ian Cusick says the only reason he's not in the final cast promo picture is because he's not a series regular this year — he's only in seven episodes. But he is in the final scene of the series, and this is a scene that only the actors who are in it know about. And he hints we'll want to rewatch the entire show from the beginning to make sense of the ending. [Washington Post]