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OLPC and Free Culture Team Up To Give Free Music to Poor Kids

Illustration for article titled OLPC and Free Culture Team Up To Give Free Music to Poor Kids

As if providing affordable computers for millions of children wasn't enough, the OLPC team is working with to give them free music as well. The new endeavor, the Free Music Project, is going to "collect and record" music for children, which will be distrubted for free to kids along with the OLPC laptop itself.


Looking at this through the lens of our RIAA Boycott month, we can just imagine how our favorite organization would handle this news. Instead of giving away free music to kids who wouldn't even be able to afford buying it in the first place, the RIAA would probably (and may even still) find a way to crap all over the project.

Project Page [Freemusic]

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What are you on about? Countries (so far Libya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda) commit to buying One Laptop Per Child. It's not a giveaway or charity from rich countries to poor ones. Nor is it vaporware: you can run the latest software build right now on your PC in an emulator, the B1 hardware test machines were manufactured months ago, and the B2 machines are rolling out now. Read the progress page and get a clue.