OLPC XO Laptop for $20*

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*You know about OLPC's Give 1 Get 1 initiative, where buyers will purchase a XO laptop for $399 , and included in the price will be the cost for a second laptop to be donated to a third world child. To back the plan, T-Mobile shall be offering one year's complimentary Wi-Fi HotSpot access for those participating. Since HotSpot access for a year would normally cost $359.98 that's (kinda) a XO laptop for $20. [Businesswire]



I'm amazed at the hostility toward this device. But let me give you my reasons, mostly purely selfish, for wanting one.

- Sunlight readable. Tell me another laptop that can do that.

- Light weight. If you drive everywhere, I suppose that doesn't matter, but even my 4 pound mac gets heavy after a bit on foot.

- Rugged. I don't have to care if I drop it. Try that with a regular laptop a few times.

- Charity. Yeah. That's nice, but not the deciding feature for me.

- One year's T-Mobile hotspots. That's the kicker. Starbucks is the only 24 hour coffeshop in town. Starbucks uses T-Mobile which costs something like $29 a month. It's a no-brainer. Now the actual financial hit I take for all the above is something like $350 less.

- Long lasting battery power!

- The only thing I need to find out is whether it will fit my adult fingers, but since I'm used to working on a Palm's foldout keyboard, I'm guessing yes.

So yeah, I'll be that guy in Starbucks with the lime green XO on my lap sipping my $1.79 coffee. Come spill on my keyboard. I'll wipe it off and keep on writing.