Olympus Voice Trek G-10

Olympus announced its Voice Trek G-10, a voice recorder whose corner slips off to reveal a USB jack which you plug directly into your PC to transfer your recordings. Its built-in 256MB of memory seems rather paltry until you realize that you can shoehorn 69 hours of low-quality audio recording into its mini form factor of less than four inches high and sub-two-ounce weight. It records to the Windows media audio (WMA) format, and can play back WMA and MP3 files.

This is a niche market occupied by these voice recorders, and this looks to be most convenient one yet from Olympus. No pricing was announced on this model, but we're thinking since there is just 256MB of memory and there's no removable memory card capability, this will be a low-priced unit.


These types of voice recorders are indispensable for journalistas, and that low price and easy transport of files just might convince some fellow members of the press corps who are still using those tiny tapes to make the leap to digital. Ships July 6.

Product Page (Google translated) [Olympus, via OhGizmo]

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