OMG U R NOT SERIOUS: Justin Bieber Gets His Own Headphone Line

Dr. Dre, what hath ye done? As if 3% of Twitter's racks weren't enough, tween demigod Justin Bieber can now lay claim to his own headphone line—part of the Beats by Dre series of audio gear. Totes adorbs!


The JustBeats series (geeee-eeet it?) is available in earbud or cans form—but only in purple, Justin's fave color! The press release for the phones, clearly written by someone with a strong sense of irony, laments that young music fans have "never been exposed to high-quality sound." Yes, and Justin Bieber will be the solution to this social ill. We only hope they fit snugly enough for Segway getaways. [Beats by Dre via Engadget]

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