Omnia 7 From Samsung Has WP7 Trapped In Its 4-Inch Super AMOLED Screen

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The second Korean company to succumb to the early cat-unbagging today, Samsung's leaked Omnia 7 has foregone the Hummingbird processor for one of Qualcomm's 1Ghz Snapdragons, like we've seen in the Nexus One and countless other phones now.

Joining the QSD8250 is the usual array of specs—Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, and a 5MP camera. There's only 8GB of internal storage compared to LG's similarly-named Optimus 7 which has 16GB, and the screen is a little larger too, at 4-inches for the Super AMOLED WVGA.


We don't yet know if Samsung's pre-loaded some of their own apps onto the Omnia 7 like LG has with the Optimus 7, but with Microsoft's big event scheduled for just a few scant hours from now, I'm sure everything will have more light cast on it soon. [Samsung Hub]