Omron Shows MIMO HDTV Antenna, Gets Rid of Messy Wires

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The cable-less future gets a little closer with Omron's ultra wideband (UWB) MIMO antenna destined for OEMs, specifically created for high definition video transmission. Omron calls it the first UWB antenna to transmit HD video. The company notes that HDTVs, projectors, DVD players and scalers can be equipped with this antenna, which will help get rid of all those unsightly cables and wires. Omron will be making this antenna available to consumer electronics manufacturers beginning in spring, 2007.

The antenna can reportedly be molded into versatile shapes using proprietary polymer technology, better fit it into a variety of devices. Hmm. Wouldn't this be a nice addition to Apple's upcoming iTV unit? MIMO or something like it will probably be necessary for such a unit to transmit HDTV signals. Could this be a key part of the iTV system we didn't see at the recent Jobsian love feast?


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