On Cult, it's super scary when actors clash with network execs

I love this scene from last night's episode of Cult, where we're supposed to know that something super scary is happening because the actor who plays cult leader Billy Grimm is upset over his lines — but showrunner Steven Rae won't listen to his complaints and be flexible!


Spoilers ahead.

So last week was the pilot episode of this show about a cult that's formed around a show about a Cult. Superfans of Cult hang out at a bar that has for some reason been transformed into a cafe in this episode (???), but is still called FanDomAin.

Back in our scene of the week, the network exec who was listening to Roger the actor's complaints is actually tied up with his lips sewn shut in a basement with "true believer" Cult fans somewhere. And this lady is there to menacingly tell Roger that "it's Steven's show." Dum dum dum!

What we learned in this episode:

1. You can hide a lot of teeny tiny pictures of arms on a DVD
2. Skye has good reason to help hero Jeff because her dad — an investigative journalist — was killed mysteriously while writing about a young TV writer 10 years ago. That's right, it was Steven Rae. And guess what word was in dad's notes? Cult! Whoa.
3. Jeff's brother's dead friend's husband was making out with the hot cult cultist cop.
4. Jeff's brother is actually alive, and is being held hostage by cult cultists inside a Chuck E. Cheez.
5. When people order Cuban takeout, you always have to microwave it right away when it arrives.
6. I am now convinced that the snippets we see of Cult the TV series are supposed to be parodies of bad CW shows. Case in point: The flashback scene where Kelly remembers basically making out with Billy after he buries her alive in a rainy hole.

Things that confused me in this episode:

1. Isn't Jeff supposed to be a disgraced former Washington Post journalist? Now he's suddenly got some kind of job and a techie geek lady at work who is massaging his mobile phone for him and figuring out that his computer has crashed and being inexplicably jealous of Skye?
2. Wasn't FanDomAin a bar last episode? Now it's a hipster cafe?
3. Hasn't anybody at the CW noticed that they have a show that's failing in the ratings, with a showrunner that nobody has met? How did this show get greenlit, anyway? When are we going to find out that Satan runs the CW?


Why I am still watching this show:

1. I want to know what the fuck this "they just snap right off" thing is all about.
2. Alaric
3. Waiting to know how Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec fit into this conspiracy.
4. Hoping FanDomAin becomes a furniture store next episode.



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Combined pet shop and car wash, please.