On Dark Matter, Why Not Seek Revenge For Things You Can't Remember?

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Why even give these people amnesia if they’re going to go ahead and find out everything they can and get revenge for things they can’t remember?


Episode eight was a lot better executed than last week’s. There was only one major plot going on, so development wasn’t rushed. All we had was Six using the clone traveling transportation technology (continuity!) that he saw an ad for at the last space station our hapless heroes went to.


He uses it to go after “the General,” who tricked him into killing ten of thousands of people as part of the rebellion. An event he just learned about, when he went into Five’s brain a few episodes back. It works by cloning you at your destination and beaming your personality and memories into the clone and returning the vacation experience into your real body after a few hours, when the clones stop working. Once he finally gets to the General, he manages to take him out, only to find out that he was a clone, too. Oops. I gotta say, clone technology is used pretty casually in the future.

In other developments, we find out that Three has been depressed since Sarah died, not interacting with anyone. He and Four actually have a pretty great interaction where Four explains all the ways what happened isn’t Three’s fault and he saved everyone’s life last week. Nice perspective, well done.

Four’s actually great all episode, even without a major plotline of his own. Once Five figures out what Six is doing, the team sends One and Four to the same travel agency to follow Six. The travel worker asks if they’re a couple, and while One no homos all over the place, but Four asks the only important question, “Is there a discount?”


The worker drone has already been pressured by Six (“haven’t you ever wanted to strike back at your corporate masters?”) into breaking the rules and letting him travel twice in an hour. Now One and Four are trying to convince her to tell them where Six went. First by saying they want to surprise Six for his birthday — it isn’t, she has his birthday on her forms — and then One tries pressuring her (“haven’t you ever wanted to strike back at your corporate masters?”). Four just hands her a bribe.

Hey, remember how One’s face isn’t his own? Yeah, his clone has his actual face, which means Four attacks him until he can prove he’s One. Between that and Two kicking One’s ass for a “surprise hug” at the beginning of this episode, this has a been a great hour for me and my One loathing.


Once everyone makes it back to the ship, Two’s all pissed at everyone for hiding their secrets. Which... I guess? She has a point that somethings have to be shared — that the real Jace Corso’s out and about searching them down, for example — but I think it’s probably more fair to say that people have to share the things they discover that could affect the team. But anything deeply personal you can probably let people keep.


In terms of secrets, One figures out that he’s a CEO whose wife was murdered by, according to a news report, Three. Aww, just when they were getting along. There’s whatever is going on with Two that has her doing medical scans and let her heal from the deadly disease a while back. And Six makes a call to his half brother, who may or may not know that his mother framed Six for the death of their father.


I liked the simplicity of this episode’s plot, even if I wished there’d been a bit more work done into why Six was so desperate to go after the General. It was a betrayal, sure. BUT HE DOESN’T REMEMBER IT. He saw it happen, but he doesn’t have any feelings or information about what it meant to him.

We also saw the team bonding, which was nice. I like them having fun together over skulking around. And the android has been informed that how she acted last week was because of emotions. Jealousy, specifically.


Now, which Three line was the best of the night?

“I have stuff to do. Cleaning my guns, working out. Cleaning my guns.”

“I knew it! He’s hoarding the green not-as-craptastic protein bars. He said we were out.”



“It was strictly for blackmail purposes.”

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