This Bizarre Interstellar Observation Could Unlock the Mysteries of Dark Matter

“I don’t know!” is among the most scientific phrases you can utter. “I don’t know” is the reason you do science, after all. “I don’t know” means more funding, more jobs, more mysteries, and ultimately, more “now I knows.” Astronomers have now uncovered an “I don’t know” that might become an important tool to study…

There's Already Rumors About Doctor Who's Next, and Very Different, Companion

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Could Cable's Outfit Tease the Appearance of Another Major Mutant in Deadpool 2?

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More Clarifications About Both Venom and Silver and Black's Place in the Marvel Movieverse

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Punk Rock Physics Experiment Is Hunting for a Dark Matter Particle Named After Laundry Detergent

FERNEY-VOLTAIRE, FRANCE— Some particle physics experiments are easier to ride than others. The giant detectors that take pictures of particle collisions on miles-round rings don’t really have anywhere to sit, and the intense bureaucracy would probably demand an unwieldy amount of paperwork for would-be riders. The…