ONDA Urinal Concept Changes the Question: Did You Wash Yours Hands While Going to the Bathroom?

Usually, washing up in the toilet at a sporting event gets you a one-way ticket out of the ballpark, but that could be changing thanks to Lee Isherwood and his ODNA urinal concept. The first-and probably last-of its kind, the ODNA promotes water conservation by combining a hand washing station with a urinal. Instead of simply flushing, you go about your business and then wash your hands in the infrared-activated "sink" above. The cascading water from the sink cleans out the toilet, and serves as the "flush."

The beauty of the ONDA, beyond its Italian-inspired design and conservation chops (uses only half the water-think about it), is that it can be fitted to existing plumbing. It also features an "anti-splashback" design for those with less-than-desirable aim (score!).


Of course, for you non-hand washers out there, this is just another toilet. You know who you are. [Hershwood 3D via The Design Blog]

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