Modder Ben Heckendorn is more than a little obsessed with playing games one-handed (giggle, chuckle, milk through the nose, etc.) and his latest creation takes aim at Guitar Hero. It's a pedal that plugs into a modded guitar and replaces the controller's strum and whammy bars, requiring hand use only for the chords.

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While stomping your way around DragonForce's Through the Fire and Flames doesn't sound anatomically correct, the pedal actually allows you to, for lack of a better term, foot-double-strum (both the up and down motions count as a string pluck).

To activate the whammy, the user lifts up on their heel to release the spring-loaded rear of the pedal. Yeah, it sounds a bit confusing, but Heckendorn makes it look pretty normal in this example video. Well, as normal as geeking out to Guitar Hero will ever look, at least. [Ben Heck]

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