Welcome to Reading List, a weekly collection of great tech reads from around the web. This week we explore one journalist’s undercover internet relationship with a Syrian jihadi, the vicious legal battle that’s stymied the growth of hologram technology in the entertainment industry, and more! Enjoy.

  • When a French journalist posed online as a young woman interested in Isis, she didn’t expect to a Syrian terrorist to start sending her hundreds of messages and marriage proposals a week. A bone-chilling account of an undercover investigation into why European teenagers turn to Islamic extremism. [The Guardian]
  • Hollywood’s new hyper-realistic hologram technology could transform the entertainment business—it’s already allowing celebrities to perform on multiple stages at once and giving fictional characters a new kind of existence. But widespread adoption is being hampered by a bitter legal fight between two rival hologram companies. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Why do so many perfectly even-tempered people become rageaholoics when they get behind the wheel? Bryan Gardiner explores the psychology behind our emotional un-intelligence while driving. [Wired]
  • The Internet of Things has permeated our cities, our living rooms, and now, even our farms. Thanks to the advent of inexpensive sensors that can collect all sorts of useful agricultural data in real time, the age-old intuitive decision-making process of farming is being replaced by a data-driven, analytical one. [MIT Technology Review]

Top image: Rana Ossama / Flickr

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