One of the Best Compact iOS Controllers Just Got Supersized

SteelSeries' original Stratus—a compact game controller designed to complement pocket-friendly iOS devices like the iPhone—was revealed just a few months ago at CES. But the company is already rolling out an updated version that will appeal to anyone who felt cramped using the tiny original.

The aptly-named Stratus XL trades portability for comfort, with a form factor similar to the Xbox One's controller. Powered by a pair of AA batteries that promise to keep you in the game for around 40 hours, the controller's got dual analog sticks, four pressure-sensitive action buttons, and four shoulder buttons, making it ideal for everything from racing titles to first-person shooters.


Available later this year for a yet to be disclosed sum, SteelSeries claims the Stratus XL will work with over 300 games on the iTunes App Store. And since it uses a standard Bluetooth connection for pairing, hopefully it will be compatible with a laptop as well, allowing its gaming repertoire to be further expanded with emulators and the like. [SteelSeries via SlashGear]

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