One Reader's Experience with Furutech's DeMag

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We threw down the gauntlet and called BS once again on Furutech's DeMag—the CD/DVD demagnitizer—last Thursday. There was no way in hell that we could believe something like this would work. Apparently one of our readers has firsthand knowledge that it actually does!

We're wary of trusting Furutech, but we're just as wary of trusting a guy with two first names. Here's what Larry claims:

The damned thing works. God help me, it really works.

My father in law has one, along with his 6-figure audio system (his pride and joy), and when my wife and I go to visit him he always has me bring some CDs to hear how they sound on a high-end system/gloat that he has a high-end system.

So he has me throw on one of my discs, which happens to be a collection of classical guitar pieces. Lots of low, soft spaces. We listen, and yeah it sounds fantastic. It should, on a system that cost more than every car I've ever owned put together. Then he says "Wait a minute... Try this, and listen to it again" and has me put it on the Furutech, where I press a button to see and hear nothing happen. I thought it was vaporware, audio homeopathy, whatever you want to call it.

I was totally prepared to call him on several levels of bullshit (he's a fun father-in-law, if a bit gloaty). I put the disc on again and listened. I damned near peed myself. This was not only a minor difference that an audiophile could (claim) to hear. This was like the difference between a bad cassette tape and a CD. I was stunned silent. ...and I have the background to understand WHY it should be bullshit. My degree is in physics (unlike the commenter with the wussy engineering degree) and I have 20 years in forensic investigation. So we ain't talkin' no knowledge here. I delved into the background of what they claim happens with their product. I'm not gonna try and explain the math involved, since it still hurts (a lot) to do that stuff, much less explain it, but they do have a reasonable, if esoteric, theory on CD sound reproduction.

I don't know if the differences would be hearable on a sound system like the rest of us have. Hate to admit it, but a stereo setup that good really does let you hear subtleties that the rest of us losers never even knew were there. I'm impressed enough by the damned thing that I'd buy one myself if I had that kind of extra cash lying around, if only to see my friends damned near pee their pants when I show them that the thing really works. One of these days I'll have to borrow it from him (pry it from his clutching fingers) for a day and see if it makes any difference on my POS stereo and let you know.


That's a pretty glowing review, but we still need to test this ourselves. Furutech, you know where to reach us.

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This ranks right up there with those clip on magnetic fuel savers for your car and magnetic bracelets to help prevent airsickness.