One Third of Google Employees Don't Seem to Use Google+

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Google employees don't like to eat their own food. It seems like one third of the entire Google workforce doesn't use Google+: 32.6% haven't posted anything at all in the last month. A depressing stat for the Mountain View search engine and eyeglasses company.

The other numbers are not much better: 20.5% of them haven't touched their Google+ page in the last 3 months, while 12.9% haven't posted anything in the last six months.

Of course, you can argue that maybe they are only sharing stuff in private, among their friends. And even if that's not the case—which I'm inclined to believe—the number may not be that meaningful without knowing their Facebook usage. Perhaps the Googlers who don't use Google+ don't like to use any social networks at all.


Ah, who I am kidding. Who the hell uses Google+? The other two thirds are probably forced to use it. Poor sweet tormented souls, all of them. [Google Plus Ghosts via Mashable]
Image by Bart Vis—Creative Commons License