One Tool Is All You Need To Turn a Roast Turkey Into a Feast

Is there a greater honor than being asked to carve the Thanksgiving turkey? Not on that particular day of the year there isn't. The last thing you want to do is screw things up, and that means finding the right tool for the job. That could be Joseph Joseph's Duo Carve set, which features an 8-inch carving knife paired with a 7.5-inch fork, all held together with magnets for easy storage.

The Japanese stainless steel blade should make short work of even the driest, toughest bird, and the fork helps keep the turkey from sliding around so you don't accidentally serve up one of your fingers. An included plastic sheath protects the $30 set while they wait patiently in a drawer for the next big family meal—or an impossible to open shipping box covered in packing tape. [Joseph Joseph via BLTD]


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