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Onei Solutions Speaker Stand Elicits Feelings of Supreme Inadequacy

Illustration for article titled Onei Solutions Speaker Stand Elicits Feelings of Supreme Inadequacy

You had it all— house, kids, and some decent home theater equipment. Then your 401k went to shit and your home's value halved. And to top it off, your TV stand has gone obsolete.


By Onei Solutions, this 6.1 home theater stand fits a whole surround system's worth of components into a piece of piano black furniture, minus the subwoofer. With its built-in amp, six 15W speakers and bright, VFD display, all the Onei Home Theater Stand is missing is the scratched wood veneer of your current rig.

But it's OK, the system is light on wattage and it's only got two HDMI inputs. So you can pretend that holding off is a lifestyle decision, not an economic one. $535 [S&C Group and Dabs via ChipChick]

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Nice looking design for a small system.

I hope the drivers have dust covers.

I don't know how you can have all the drivers in a single cabinet without causing all kinds of cross-vibration problems.

Finally, what if one single part of it fails? Do you have to ship the whole thing away for service?