Oops: Avatar's Plot Revealed In The Soundtrack

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The tracklist for composer James Horner's Avatar soundtrack is out, and with it come a hefty amount of spoilers. So we tried to string together the plot based on track titles, including examples of what it may all look like.


The only soundtrack we ever enjoyed that basically spelled out the entire plot was Danny Elfman's Batman, because it was brilliant. And two, because the track titles that laid out the plot were highly entertaining in their own right. Who could forget "Kitchen, Surgery, Face Off", "Clown Attack" or "Roasted Dude"? Fantastic stuff right there. Playlist got a copy of Avatar's soundtrack, which basically explains the entire plot of the movie. But I'm going to have to say "You Don't Dream In Cryo..." and "The Bioluminesecene of The Night" are pretty bad ass titles for musical tracks.

Here's the full list:

Here's the track listing:
1. "You Don't Dream in Cryo…"
2. Jake Enters His Avatar World
3. Pure Spirits of the Forest
4. The Bioluminescence of the Night
5. Becoming One of "The People"
Becoming One With Neytiri
6. Climbing Up – "Iknimaya – The Path to Heaven"
7. Jake's First Flight
8. Scorched Earth
9. Quaritch
10. The Destruction of "Hometree"
11. Shutting Down Grace's Lab
12. Gathering All the Na'vi Clans for Battle
13. War
14. I See You (Theme from "Avatar")

From this list, we can basically guess that Jake doesn't dream in Cryo on his way to the planet Pandora — or maybe he does, and they are nightmares? Then he "Enters His Avatar World," running about with his new blue legs and playing with the local exotic life.

From there, Jake learns that every rock and tree and creature, has a life, has a spirit, has a name in "Pure Spirits of the Forest" which we will relate to the Pocahontas show stopper, "Colors of The Wind."

Then he has a hot Bioluminesecene night out with a certain blue cat lady, think the underwater fairy flirt fest adventures in FernGully, hopefully with giant playtpus in tow.

After the night of hand touching and bonding Jake winds up "Becoming One of "The People." In order to become, "one of us" he must prove to the people that he is indeed a warrior, and begin "Climbing Up – 'Iknimaya – The Path to Heaven.'" But we're not 100% sure what that means, at all.

Next, Jake flies, like a she-Gelfling — or maybe in a helicopter, but we really hope he flies like a Gelfling. It's probably the scene we saw on Avatar Day, where Jake tames a dragon and flies it around. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Then Hexxus is let out and burns down a part of the Na'vi land, "Scorched Earth" and Jake can now feel the pain of the Earth, like a FernGully fairy.

The mystical Na'vi tree is destroyed, titled in the track listing as, "The Destruction of Hometree." Which could look like FernGully's almost tree destroying moment.

And the lab is shut down. Let's hope this is Sigourney Weaver's solo. Next up the Pandorans are "Gathering All the Na'vi Clans for Battle" followed by actual "War," which reminds us of "Savages," and then more "Savages," again from Pocahontas.

Ending with the big theme song, sung by Lena Lewis. Which we're seriously hoping brings back the days of giant movie ballads, no kidding. The Oscars were 1,000% times more interesting when there was more singing.


All in all there's not too much revealed — because you know somebody is bound to die in a fit of heroism and the bad guy's got to get his comeuppance, so that's all hidden. And we're mostly joking about Avatar being from the same mold as those other movies. Bottom line: it's high time we had something epic again, and with epic movies comes epic music, so we're still cautiously excited for James Cameron's noble savages.

The End.

[Playlist via Slashfilm]




So we've gone from bitching about no information about the movie to bitching about too much information about the movie. Clearly, we've all already decided to hate this movie.