Openmoko Cancels FreeRunner GTA03

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Openmoko's FreeRunner, the original open source (hardware and software) Linux phone, made us oh so excited back in the day, before Android and the iPhone. And now it's dead. UPDATED.


Update: OpenMoko is actually only canceling their next phone. The current model, GTA02 will stay in production. Their next project is still going to be a non-phone, "non-telecommunications" product shipping later this year. If that goes right, they'll go back to working on a new phone. Here's what Openmoko Marketing VP Steve Mosher says about it:

They only sold around 10,000 FreeRunners. To survive, they're cutting their staff by 50 percent. Sad to see a pioneer of something ahead of its time wither and almost die like this. [PhoneScoop]


Dash used this system for their Dash Express. I'm guessing the loss of that customer hurt them too.

Also, I'm wondering if those 10k units were all from Dash?