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Just got an OpenX plastic container opener and thus far it's been an interesting and useful tool. It is especially great for zipping open DVDs and CDs. Essentially, it's a fork-looking thing with a blade between the two front tines and a small retractable blade on the bottom. The MO is simple—cut a small hole with the lower blade and then get the fork into the little hole and push along until you have it mostly open. Then you tear and gnash at the plastic like a junkie after his rabid fix.

The real value is the tiny blade. It's not big enough to cut you and it's sharp enough to go through varying grades of plastic without much trouble. However, the proper use of fork part has thus far eluded me, although this could be a testament to the STOP STEALING plastic used by peripherals manufacturers. I had two CF cards encased in their transparent tombs and tried to open one with the OpenX and another with a pocket knife. The OpenX effort was rewarded relatively quickly, although I still had to pull things apart. By cutting apart the box with the pocket knife, I risked cutting myself with not only the knife but the newly sharp edges of the plastic and it definitely took longer to cut off each edge of the bonded plastic. That said, provided you have the OpenX at hand when opening your gadgetry, it's an excellent and very specific tool for what usually proves to be painful and annoying job. The OpenX also now comes in an easy to open package, which was a very ironic issue in the past. They currently sell for $4.95 and shipping, unbelievably, is free.


Product Page [MyOpenX]