Opera Mini For Android Leaves Beta, Fixes Nagging Bugs

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Opera Mini's final release addresses most of the problems we found in our beta test, and is available now in the 'Communications' category of the Android Market.


Changes for this release:

1. added JSR-75 (File API) support which gives access to the SD card for
uploading and downloading and also the possibility to save pages locally
2. added support for video playback (Opera Mini hands over to the
operating system video player)
3. double tap works for zoom/unzoom
4. use of inline url entry instead of native textbox
5. fixed password text entry to show hidden characters
6. fixed problems with exiting application when back button was pressed
7. Improved trackball speed.
8. Using Extra Large font in the builtin pages.

+ many small tweaks and fixes


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Ugh. It doesn't scroll as smoothly as the native browser, the UI is awkward and ugly, the full-screen text box thing is just stupid, zoom doesn't always work...

It does seem to be a tad faster at page loading than the native browser, but then, the native browser's performance is supposed to improve in the Cupcake update anyway.