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Oppo V5 Widescreen Portable Video Player

Illustration for article titled Oppo V5 Widescreen Portable Video Player

People waiting for the widescreen touch iPod may have something new from Oppo to tide them over. Their V5 is only 11mm (0.43 inches) thick and actually comes in a 16:9 ratio (unlike the iPhone). That's true widescreen on that 3-inch screen, if you're counting.


Not many other details about this MP4-playing Chinese PMP are to be had, but it does look pretty cool.


iMP3 [via iMP3 via The MP3 Players]

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O M G — Enough with the iPhone "widescreen that's not a widescreen" already... I guess all those millions of widescreen LCD computer displays aren't really widescreen anymore either? You know, those ones with a 16:10 ratio instead of 16:9?

Looks like this thing is about the size of a credit card, just a little wider according to the photo on [] and has its touch controls along the top edge of the device, lengthwise. Hence the weird picture of the gymnast. For some reason, Google's translation worked better than Babelfish this time around...