Optimus Mini 3 SideShow Driver Alpha Version

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Those of you with the Optimus Mini 3—a.k.a. pretty much the only thing they've ever produced—will be interested in this. Optimus has just released an early alpha version of the Windows SideShow driver. For those unfamiliar with Vista's SideShow feature, hit that link, but basically it's an interface to display Windows Vista Gadgets on an external device.


The driver's alpha, which means all you get is black text on a white background, but the groundwork seems to be there. Pretty soon you'll be pressing buttons like a pro on your Mini 3.

OM3 Windows SideShow driver [Optimus Blog]



What happens when you combine two solutions (Vista Gadgets and the Optimus Mini 3) in search of a problem? They treat each other as a problem, and each other as the solution, and low and behold you have — this. Whatever this is. It seems like it must be great, somehow. I'm not really sure why, but at least they are not in search of a problem anymore, right?