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I desperately want this watch. Max Busser and Felix Baumgartner collaborated to create the Opus 5, a completely innovative watch that makes use of what's known as a "satellite hour" display. The style is absolutely gorgeous and the movement is complicated and new:

The hour hands rotates while each blocks rotates and as it reaches the minute indicator it is the correct numeral that is shown. Note that the minute arrow is not connected to the hour cube and once the arrow gets to 60 it will drop down to 0 to meet the next rotating hour block.


It also features a 5-year service indicator, much like my Honda (and probably more expensive), to tell you when to bring it back for basic maintenance. Limited edition with only 100 available (in platinum or pink gold, with or without diamonds), the price is something of a mystery but I'm guessing it's more than both my kidneys combined.

(Update: Reader Kerry informs us that the watch goes for $106,680 for the rose gold and $137,000 for the platinum models. So I was right about the kidney thing.)


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